Day #81 - Coffee Coffee Coffee.

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Friday, 20 November 2009 at 18:14

I decided it would be a good idea yesterday to buy some Columbian coffee in Tesco. I was wrong. It was possibly the worst idea I've had since coming to University. I drank two cups yesterday, and then two cups today. I then followed up my two cups of coffee today with a large soup-bowl of Cappuccino from Costa Coffee and a "solo Macchiato" which was probably the worst idea ever.

Now, why have I been drinking so much coffee? Is it because I have an essay due and I don't want to sleep, so I can get it done in a rush? Heck no. It's because I want to be more worldly in what I drink, coffee-wise. I mean, everyone has had their fair share of Nescafe Gold Blend, right? I feel like I need to branch out. I drink multiple flavours of tea, from the traditional English Breakfast (which despite my disdain for it, is far too common to avoid) to the more eccentric Chai or Lady Gray.

I started 'experimenting' with what coffees I like and don't like by ordering a Cafe Cortado in La Tasca one day. That I can admit to liking. Shots of Espresso, solo, without a main coffee, go down a treat if I feel I need perking up, but taste foul much like the Macchiato I ordered today. Cappuccinos are slowly working their way to being my 'favourite', though I have a soft spot for the Mocha and its variants. Some day, I'll stop drinking all this crap, and live off water I suppose.


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