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It's 1:30, and I have been awake for six hours. Yes, you read that right - five hours. I went to bed at 5am, and awoke with a pounding head at 13.30 to the sound of the cleaning lady, Emanuela, in the corridor. A few minutes of pounding head, sitting hugging the toilet, and generally wishing I had not decided to buy a €1.50 tuna & egg sandwich during my walk home last night, led me to crawl back into bed, shut my eyes, and pray for sleep. I woke up again at 19.30, and have literally no desire to go back to bed for the third time in twenty hours.

I guess it's my own fault for, at the last minute, deciding to go out last night. Two Aperol Spritz con Cynar, four Gin & Lemon, and two Aperol Spritz are the main reason for this mess -- not the fact that I went all the way to Nirvana, which is somewhere on the other side of town...wayyy on the other side of town. In short: a good night was had by all. I quite enjoyed what little persuasion it took from Luis and InĂªs to get me to go along; the chance meeting and conversation with Roxane, and the rest of the ensuing escapade. Best stay in and knuckle down from now on...perhaps...

In other news, Monday sees the start of NaNoWriMo. I am actually looking forward to giving myself some strict deadlines. The aim is 50,000 words in 30 days. The advised minimum is 1,700 words a day, which means I am going to be setting myself a target of 12,000 words per week. That's like a mini-dissertation a week. But, I think I can manage it. I just need to be able to manage my time, and keep focussed on my plot and character development.

Beyond all that, nothing exciting has happened since Tuesday. I potentially have an exam on Thursday, but the lecturer has not replied. Essentially, it's a good excuse to 'revise' and get up to speed on the lesson content regardless of the fact of will itwon't it. The weather is getting colder. I have just under two months left here before going home. I shall make the most of it!


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