Ymmärrättekö suomea?

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Monday, 8 November 2010 at 19:54

It’s rare that I have the urge to blog about nothing. Usually I at least hope I have something say, but today’s blog is just rambling nonsense I guess:

1. NaNoWriMo is going…terribly. I managed 3500 words on my Venice round trip, which is pretty good. But, I should be at 11667 words right now. I am currently at 3500 words, and I’ve run out of steam already. Perhaps I should just throw in the towel; I actually feel like it’s getting nowhere. Oh well. Chalk that up to another life failure?

2. Last night I went out with my American chums, and I think I figured out I much prefer the San Francisco attitude to any other one in the world – I know, I am stereotyping the four people I now know from San Francisco as the archetypal San Franciscans. I guess in a way this is a shout-out – a holla, if you will – to them, perhaps? (Even if I did probably act like a pretentious ass trying to explain that Frank Turner was once an amazing ‘unknown’ artist and that the NME, like everything they ever touch, ruined my enjoyment of him by thrusting him at the fair-weather fans…)

3. I think I’ve been accepted as a local, or at the very least a regular, by the baristas of Chocolate Café! I rolled up at lunch time to grab a sandwich before going for a bit of study time, and was greeted with a general interest in my weekend, my trip to Venice, and other such niceties. In fact, when I got up to pay, they looked rather saddened that I was leaving. In short: I love Francesco and Savino. Tomorrow, I shall get up early just to get a brioche from there before History of Art!

4. New semester. Lessons start at 9am tomorrow. I will go to them all; I will. I need to pass these exams, so I need to buy the books; I also need to maybe go and see the profs and ask them for their input on what’s actually expected. So “not with it” in terms of this whole thing, but there we go. Only another six weeks and classes will be over and I’ll actually have to panic about passing these exams. Life would be so much easier if we still had the Year Abroad projects to write…

5. In languages: I need to get back to attempting to learn Finnish. I stopped back when I stopped Icelandic, in May or so, and just carried on listening to Finnish music. However, I think I should put the effort in, because it’d be a nice input –> output experiment, or “hard work” –> “sense of satisfaction.”  Getting the sounds to stick in my head would be a nice start, and then I can seriously consider going further than “Hyvää huomenta.”
I’d also like to sit down and study a bit of Venetian, but that’s quite a different beast because there don’t seem to be many texts on it. My obsession with languages: el xe senpre pi grande, as they say in the Veneto. Give me a few  weeks, I might be on top of it all.

Apart from this ramble, nothing exciting is going on. Oh well. Until we meet again, dear reader.


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