Day #202: The Universal

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Sunday, 21 March 2010 at 13:05

The Universal question at this moment in time is "Where am I going in Italy!?", for you see my Easter Break has begun, so I can't do anything about sorting it until I get back in. I can't sort my funding, I can't sort anything until that point, which is a total pain, but there we go really - story of life and such.

The year seems to have wound down now, and that's probably for the best. Nothing exciting will be occurring anytime soon, though I'd like to hope that everything will go just right and I'll end up in Parma next year too - I've already started thinking, if I get the job I've applied for over the summer, I'll maybe do a few vlogs instead of typing out all nonsense about how lovely it is out there.

I've actually got very little to fill in on this blog - I gave up Icelandic after less than 3 weeks. Declensions got the better of me. I start revision in earnest tomorrow morning, writing out verbs, learning rules, all that nonsense. I have a million novels to read over the next three weeks - Seta, Una Relazione, and I Viceré - for Italian. I have work coming out of my ears, and yet I still have to find time to revise and perfect my languages down to an artform so I can pass with an amazing mark, and spend the summer doing something that means I can keep on-par.

However, the most interesting news is: If you hop over to my music blog, there's a little Easter egg there!


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