On Slaying Jabberwockys

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Tuesday, 6 April 2010 at 05:51

Well, I suppose this is a first...at least since I started writing this thing. Well, actually a second and a first. The original first, which I have just downgraded was "seeing 5.35am and still being awake"; this has happened numerous occasions, though once in this house before so it is therefore a 'second'. The new first is "writing a blog at 5.35am to pass the time until I can hop back out of bed and let the day reset my body clock".

Yes, I've resorted to the old Jetlag Solution. That is, I am forcing myself to stay awake a whole extra day, and going to sleep at the time I wish to reset my body to, in order to permanently reset it for the Good of All Mankind. I'm hoping to live through til about 10.30pm tonight, and then I can hopefully crash out til 8am tomorrow and all will be spiffing and back-to-normal. One hitch though, I have to survive an entire day. At the rate I'm going, it doesn't look good.

I've survived two hours since making the decision to pull an all-nighter. Yes, two whole hours! That's only...17 hours until I can finally doze off and go to the land of nod, which means having to find lots of things to keep myself entertained over the coming hours. My, my, I'm going to have to be a busy little beaver.

Of course, with only two pieces of 'homework' left to do: rewriting an essay, and reading a book, I'm not exactly going to be doing those. They may just put me back to sleep, you see. I am, however, in the mood to get out, so I may find myself dressed up to the nines wandering lonely (as a cloud) around The National Museum of Wales, since there's a new Impressionist Exhibition on - and I do so love my Impressionists. A nice bit of Monet, C├ęzanne, Rodin and Degas will go down a treat I think.

After that, I suppose I have plenty of time still to kill - after all, one can only saunter aimlessly for a few hours, can't one? So, I may just bulk up my poetry collection or something along those lines. In fact, today I added to my deviantArt portfolio with this gem, knocked up in about two hours or so tonight, mostly from total nonsense that swam around my head once I got myself started. I do so enjoy writing poetry; if only I were good enough to be published, eh?

I suppose there's not much more to say at this hour, except that I am eagerly awaiting my first cup of coffee once the sun comes up. I think 7am sounds like a spiffing time for a steaming cup of Java. After all, sun's up at 6.37am, so it's less than an hour away - in fact, it's just over an hour until I can sit with that cup of coffee and make my day seem so wonderful.

'O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!' He chortled in his joy.


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