Risk to Reward

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Sunday, 18 April 2010 at 15:22

On sunny days like this, when I'm forced to sit inside and do work, I can't help but let my mind wander. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Warren Zevon are all lined up to keep me entertained, but, the main thing that's keeping me chipper is the fact that I am rewarding myself pretty soon!

Foolishly (some might say, thanks to Eyjafjallajökull), I've gone and booked a flight to Mallorca to go and stay with a friend out there. I figured, I keep complaining that I need a holiday, so I may as well get myself out there and practice my Spanish and Catalan, and not have to say that I've had yet another summer spent in this country.

This also seems like the perfect time to give my blogging abroad skills a test run, though I have no idea how that'll work. I kind of managed to cause a nice bit of 'damage' to my laptop, unintentionally snapping one of the hinges. I don't think the old girl would be up to the 2 hour flight, 2 hours of hanging round in Palma at midday, an hour and a half on a train-bus combination, all the while being tapped away at, in the hopes that I can keep up with what I've done.

I suppose I have three options open to me, though:  One, I find the nearest internet cafe and blog (or I try and find a PC whilst in the airport on the way back) ; Two, I ask to borrow my friend's laptop while I'm staying there, and just do one or two 'mini-blogs'. Three, I invest in a larger SD card for my camera and Vlog it. That'd still mean radio silence for a week, but, at least it could all be uploaded into one post including everything. And, I wouldn't have to ham it up on the adjectives...

I suppose that after the summer I'm going to have to invest in a new laptop, so I've got some machinery to be able to blog about life closer to the Med. Until then, I'll just try and keep up with my shoddy post schedule; perhaps even try to do something a little more interesting than sitting in my room, up to neck in three languages worth of revision. I'm sure something can...be arranged...


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