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Let me fill you in! There's not all that much to this, so I'll keep it short. Story of my life.

Uni has been postponed a week, so there's nothing exciting going on. Lectures start, at least for me, at 11am on Monday morning. I've changed my course - because Lettere Moderna e Contemporanea has been moved to the second semester. Now I'm studying General Linguistics, History of Medieval Art, Italian Literature, and possibly Italian Language. Allora, the run-down of the last few days:

So, Saturday, thanks to brilliant advice from Nuno, a Portuguese Erasmus student, I found my way to LIDL. #3 bus to Piazza della Vittoria, walk around the corner to Strada Nuova Demetrio, wait ten minutes for the #1a to San Martino Piemonte, ride to the end of the line, walk across the 'bypass road', and you're at LIDL. Never have I been so happy to find food that was so much cheaper than Eurospar! Still, Carrefour isn't as far, and it's prices are reasonable (not as much as Eurospar, but not quite as cheap as LIDL), so I guess I'll keep going there as it's on my way back...

Sunday went as Sunday always does. Pretty much the same for Monday too - all this saving money has been driving me pazzi. I went to town Monday to suss out the Uni buildings, and got lost a bit. Oh well, I think I know my way around now!

Tuesday was another trip to Lago di Como, but this time I went with people, and we wandered around in awe of how amazing it was. And, finally, made it to the Lighthouse on top of the mountain, which was like a half hour walk uphill, and was followed by much sighing, photographing of scenery, and faux-complaining. Here are the only pictures I took that day of note:

Il Faro Voltiero
A view from the mountain.
Not of Como.
I believe it's Cernobbio and Chiasso.

Today was the Erasmus Welcome Day. A load of us turned up at 9.30, expecting some amazing Freshers' Fayre. Nope - a few tables. Blergh. I got a nice Università degli Studi di Pavia tote bag, but that was about the only highlight of the day. The midday talk went unheard by everyone because the microphones were shoddy quality (or just too quiet). The lunch was nice, but they ran out of red wine too fast for my alcoholic liking - still, I got my fill of Risotto for the week! I can now also add Lebanon and Palestine to the ever growing list of places I know people from, which includes but is not limited to: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Hungary, America, France, Colombia, and Türkiye.

This was followed, much later, by a Lettere e Filosofie talk. I guess it was fairly interesting. It was definitely the only thing today that made sense. And now, I've returned home, tired, cooked some spaghetti and mince in arrabbiata sauce...and been told "It's too early. Why are you eating now!?" by one of my flatmates. I guess hungry is as hungry does?

So, tomorrow I get kicked out of my room from 9 til 12 again. I guess I'll head down to the Uni Bar and try to suss out the Uni wifi if it's sunny. It'd be nice to be able to sit in the cortili on a Wednesday when I only have one free hour, sipping cappuccino, eating whatever I can find, and fucking about on the internet. Or perhaps I'll go and look around the libraries - since I have no idea which one of the three in the centre is mine - I guess Polo San Tommaso since it's History & Literature, but maybe not as this is Italy after all...

That's it. Nothing special at all. Not a jot -- no drunkenness, no debauchery, no passionate kisses in the middle of the many, beautiful storms we get here. Nothing. Ecco la vita, I guess.

A presto!


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