Weather with You.

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Monday, 6 September 2010 at 14:32

It's Monday. First day of the week for most people, and the place is, for lack of a better word, 'dead'. There are a few shrieks far down the corridor, or maybe it's downstairs... Outside, it's a lovely shade of grey, but around 20 degrees. Oddly, I find it kind of cold, so I've had to shut the doors, and turn off the AC that's been running at 17degrees (and making me freeze my ass off every night...) without my knowledge.

Since my last blog, I've found out that there are two Erasmus networks in Pavia. There's the Associazione Noi e Pavia, which seems to just be a student network in general; and there's StEP. I didn't know StEP existed until last night...and when I finally found out about it, it was a bit too late. I'd already missed the Notte Bianca, an Erasmus get together, and the fireworks over the Ticino river. Immediately I rectified that by joining the StEP facebook page so I'd actually know if anything was going on that meant socialising with people in the same situation as me!

I had planned to go into town today to take photos. The architecture is pretty stunning, ranging from the Romanesque right through to horrible modern buildings. There's a huge Cathedral in the centre, whose duomo is apparently the third biggest in Italy; there's another church nearby built in Lombard Gothic style, and another in Lombard Romanesque. There's even a castle here for crying out loud! However, the only way I'm going to attempt to photograph them is if the sun is shining and the skies are blue...or if there's a massive thunderstorm and the rain is lashing the heck out of them. (Apparently we're due a good temporale on Wednesday, but we have been due rain for an hour and still nothing...)

Beyond that, I've got nothing to do but parlare for the next month. Classes don't begin until the end of September, so it's just a case of going into town for a few hours, coming back, whiling away my time and all that. Oh, and drinking plenty of blood orange juice, which I have become crazily addicted to. A litre drunk in 24hours - vitamin C overload? Shall have to pop to Carrefour tomorrow and buy some more, especially as I now know that I can get the Linea 7 there and back. Sweet!

Time for some much needed Earl Grey, I think! Too much fruit juice can drive a man insane. (At least I would, if the "kettle" I had spotted in the kitchen hadn't turned out to be a Moka...which means it only brews coffee, and not tea. DAMN!)


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