Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Friday, 18 June 2010 at 16:37

Another week has flown by in my ever expanding quest to find something to do. Apart from many nights of heart-racing dreams, including, but not limited to, being robbed, being shot at, being attacked, being chased, and generally being the target of the entire world, it hasn't really been an eventful week in terms of "things getting done".

It's taken me until today to fill out the application form for the Università degli studi di Pavia. It's all due back by July 9th, so that bad boy will have to be mailed ASAP, since it has to go via Cardiff's ERASMUS department. We're meant to be doing two culture modules and a language refresher course in order to 'pass the year', but, since I don't exactly want to pay €150 to study 50 hours of Italian (and neither does anyone else) we've been granted the privilege of being able to study three culture modules instead. My proposed semester abroad looks a little like this:

60 hours of Italian Renaissance Literature
60 hours of Modern Italian Literature (mostly focussed on Italo Calvino)
60 hours of Medieval Art History

So, all in all, from October to mid-January, I have a grand total of 180 hours of University to attend, which is roughly three quarters of an average Cardiff semester, by my bad math. All I have to do is get it sent off, and hope that it gets approved by the folks in Cardiff. Then it's time to start worrying about flights, transport, and general living costs for the first month, since I won't be attending the language classes but will be expected to be there from September 2nd.

All in all - this is hella-stress. And just think, I have to do it all again in November for Lleida; and I won't even be in the country, so that'll be mountains of fun! Part of me is counting down the days til I leave; and part of me is counting down the days til I can come back, finish my degree, and actually get a job and start earning proper money. Oh well, quello che sarà, sarà.

In beardy news: I am looking more and more like a tramp each day, and with the new haircut I now look like I'm aiming to be Ed Norton in American History X, but I'm not quite there yet. Anyway, we're only just coming up to Week 3. My target is 6 weeks, which will take me up to July 11th; and if it doesn't fill-out by then, I'll go back to being resigned to being clean-shaven.


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