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It's rather weird when I feel the urge to blog about a dream, but, this one's been stuck in my head since I got up. It's like it's going round on a loop in the back of my mind, and when I'm not thinking about something else, there it is. So, enjoy the cinematic theatricality of "My Dream from Last Night":

Our scene starts in a strange, futuristic town. Everything seems to be connected by metro stations. One night I decide to go out with friends, and we head to this dive bar on the other side of town. Unnaturally, we walk there, along the garish, neon streets. We enjoy some kind of weird dinner-show, without the dinner, before my friends take it as their cue to leave when the police arrive to shut it down. 
I then decide to catch a train to the other side of town. Apparently, there's a Spanish politician onboard. He happens to talk to me. He enjoys my company until I finally reach my stop, and head to a restaurant to get that dinner I missed. It just so happens that this restaurant will end up being a Wetherspoons, but, inside a cave. Weird. It's all decked out with strange blue hues, and pinkish-purple gauze curtains.
Behind one of these gauze curtains I spot a familiar face, with three not-so-familiar ones. The ones I don't recognize are rather 'buff', jock-ish looking chaps, all done up in shirts and bowties. They're all leaning, on one elbow, on the table, chatting up my ex, the face I recognise. It doesn't affect me. I turn back to the table and continue eating, but then I hear sobbing. It's her; she's spotted me. She's crying.
I get nudged by one of my table friends, and suddenly I'm calling her over. "Come and talk..." She does - "Your letter...you didn't want to speak again...it's...it's...." and she broke down sobbing, so I offered her a seat at my table while she cried away, talking about some letter I've never sent. I put my arm around her to comfort her, and then she bolted upright and walked off. Strange.
So, I took that as my cue to leave. The crowds at the bars made it rather difficult to pay (obviously this place worked on the Spanish system of order-eat-pay, rather than order-pay-eat that 'spoons always uses). But, as I was approaching one, she came up to me and said "Shall we say goodbye then?", and still sobbing, she reached up to kiss me. I tilted my head, so all she got was a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her ex-boyfriend was sat behind, watching it all, and shook his head. I walked off, paid, and left, leaving my coat behind...the rest of the dream then descended into chaos involving the coat, the forces of darkness and stuff I could not understand. Thankfully I woke myself up before I got too into it. And that was that. Weirdddd.

And in the crush of the dark, I'll be your light in the mist. I can see you burning with desire for a kiss.
                                                                                                       Tigerlily - La Roux


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