This Beard is for Siobhan

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Saturday, 5 June 2010 at 00:13

Second year is over. There is no more of it. It is an ex-year; deceased; it has breathed its last and run down the curtain to join the choir infernal. Lovely. Maybe it ended too soon; maybe it didn't come quickly enough. I'm not quite sure right now how I feel - apprehensive about the year abroad, and my exam results? Maybe.

However, now it's all done. It's summer. Sure, I need a job, but, while that's being sorted by the agency, I have time to plan out my life. I mean, there are so many things I plan to do this summer - actually, I lie. There's not much I've got planned. I'd like to go to Brighton to see an old friend of mine, and spend a day with her for once. I've got to sort a mountain of paperwork before I get anywhere in this dreary little life, too.

I'm not quite sure what else I'd like to get done this summer. Maybe actually attempt to grow a beard. Or at least see the extent of my beardy growths. I've never bothered before - I've managed 4 days, at most, I think; and then I think I begin to look scruffy and I feel the pressure of society to be a clean-shaven youth. This week, however, I left my shaver at home, so I have been subjected to 5 full days of growth. Suffice it to say, I went to LIDL today and bought some razors as I have bar work tomorrow and they like us "neatly presented" - scruff-beard doesn't cut it.

However, since I've had no calls about jobs in the near-future from the agency folks, I'm going to actually sit back and let the good times roll as of tomorrow night. I can't exactly go out and socialise (yay Natwest and their money screw ups), so nobody will really see me during the first 10 days of the scruff stage. By then, I should have a decent idea of where my beard goes; the full extent of how patchy it is; and whether I should just keep at it and attempt full-growth, or, trim it back to a circle-beard, which I know is achievable (with a few days more growth right now, it'd be thick-enough to be 'passable' I think).

And that's that: I look forward to days of sunshine, cider, and potential slavery just to bring in the dollah-dollah. I also look forward to keeping y'all posted about the goings on in my life, and any potential growth of beardage as the days go on. Huzzah for attempting to be a man for once! Huzzah, I say! Huzzah!


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