...but the damage is irreversible.

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This week my parents decided it would be a good idea to take my brother and head off to Kent. I applaud their decision - I've had a quiet house since lunchtime on Monday, and it will continue this way until around 7pm on Friday night! However, it does mean that the day starts to drag a bit after about 8pm. Usually I'll have had the news on, some stimulating conversation about idiots in the workplace, and numerous calls for cups of tea. Instead, I'm marooned; trapped on an island that is slightly more bearable than the version currently inhabited by Noel "Robinson Crusoe" Edmonds on this week's Deal or No Deal.

What I've learned in this week, though, is that the mind is an amazing thing. If you put your mind to something, you can damned-well near do it. I've watched Fight Club, drunk, and managed to suss out key things about it - like the fact that Tyler Durden flashes up on screen during the Narrator's important meeting with his boss early on in the film. I've learnt how to make perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, that don't burn to the pan, and don't taste like rubber. I've found out that being in an empty house accentuates the noises from other houses - like the shouts from my crazy neighbour, who yesterday was trying to murder his wife, and today was trying to murder his car. I've learnt that when your mind is stuck on 'self-destruct' all you need to do is drink whiskey-laced tea and it'll knock you out. The list goes on, but the damage is irreversible.

In Italy-related news, it's true - we're driving out. Apparently it's a 15 hour drive, but, we're leaving on the Monday, stopping over in France for two nights, heading through Switzerland, and staying at Certosa di Pavia before I get left there for six months. I suppose it seems like an anti-kidnapping - taking me on a long, confusing drive through places I don't even know exist, just to get me to my destination.
I've also managed to take a look at the updated Bioscience Residences page. I am quite excited now I've managed to get a glimpse of the rooms. I'm expecting something slightly bigger than what I had in Talybont North, but slightly smaller than what I had living in Ruthin Gardens. All in all, I don't particularly care - the only downside will be cooking. Living with Italians will make the idea of cooking rather intimidating; in fact, part of me wonders if it's cheaper to just eat in town for six months. Still, we'll jump that hurdle when it is finally reached.

Beyond all this, there's not much excitement going on. The days seem to have converted themselves to sunshine, while it rains at night. That's a new one. They've also been converted to "stare at deviantArt times" by me - I quite enjoy browsing through digital art scenes of cityscapes, science fiction planes of existence, and noir-esque book covers. In short my sense of art is screwed, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say (unless they're playing D&D *ba-dum-tkshhh*)

Now I'm going to head off and make something of my day, by watching Gangs of New York, and an anime re-imagining of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. The only way this day could get better is with human company...or a free pass to Disneyland. Any offers on that free pass?


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