A Lesson Is Learned...

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Saturday, 24 July 2010 at 20:21

Last night, it is fair to say, I hit bottom. So, today has been spent clawing my way back up out of that abyss with plenty of tea and cake. Don't worry - I didn't do something...too silly. Just went off on one for no reason at all, and it made me feel very, very bad. What can you do, eh?

Well, to answer that I'm going to simply analyse the facts. I was drunk - quite so - and I was in the company of my ex-girlfriend. Was it her, or the drink? Personally, I blame the drink, for bringing out my inner demons. I don't like to let them roam - I just let them bubble to the surface and then beat them down with my "Grow the hell up" stick. So, when they come out, they're usually quite cranky and prone to ruin anything that's good about life. Including quadruple Gin and Tonics.

That is why I have decided - and laughably so - that I am not going to touch alcohol for the next month. In any form. So that's beers, ciders, wines, liqueurs, hard liquor, rum cakes, and assorted others. I would make the magical timescale a little longer, but I kind of organised a bit of a leaving shindig for the bank holiday weekend. Can't exactly be all "Well, I'm leaving. Drink up for me...and I'll have a coke." I suppose that would prompt more people to offer to buy me a drink, as I wouldn't be breaking their wallets... Hmm...

As far as this goes, it's a bit of a weak statement of 'learning a lesson'. I should really just say "I'm going cold turkey for a year." or something absurd like that. We'll see.

Time for a bit of AOB:

1. Despite my outburst, I am still going ahead with teaching Italian.
2. I really, really would like a ukulele. Yes, everyone has one these days just because they're "hip" and "cool", but, there's only so much you can do with a bass. I need to step into the land of melody.
3. Finally my ERASMUS forms have arrived. The only problem is that I don't remember the courses I applied to do in Italy (or rather the full names and codes). Oops.

I believe that's covered everything. If not. I don't particularly care. Just means more rambling for next time.


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