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Posted by Alex | | Posted On Saturday, 17 July 2010 at 17:04

Today i think I've added a new low to my life. I've decided to start a Tumblr tumblelog! So far, it's a bit empty, but clogging it up for the sake of clogging it up is no fun for anyone - readers or myself. So, whilst it's still in its infancy, I can try to get to grips with it because "Man, I don't get it at all!" - and I'm no Luddite.

In other, brief, news:

1. My laptop decided to get all sickly today. Finally, after months of struggle and heavy-breathing, it's succumbed to old-age and finally the hard drive has reached that point where it's about to collapse in under its own entropy. So, I think I have a month, tops, left on this thing before it goes kaput! In better news: the Parentals are suggesting buying me a new one, so I'm on the hunt for something in the i3 processor range. Nothing less for my computing needs!

2. In addition to adding Tumblr to my life, I've also agreed to start re-teaching my ex Italian. She was my star, and only, pupil last year. I thought she was progressing rather well - then we hit the wall, and yeah, everyone who's been an avid reader of this knows the rest. Anyway, we got talking last night, while a bit tipsy, and we came to the agreement that I should start teaching her again. I'm hoping to get a bit of an intensive 'revision' session in with her this week, if she can find time when she's not working - that way I know how much I have to do to get her back to her good standard.

3. Italy looks like it's going to bring some interesting things into my life. My dad has decided to drive there, because he's in need of a proper holiday I think. So, it'd mean leaving here at the end of August, and spending a few days driving through France, dropping me off in Pavia, and then they can head where they like. I'm sure they'd do an overnight stay or something, and I can be all showy with my Italian - shouting Buongiorno walking into shops; ordering coffee and grappa after meals; eating Tiramisù. Still, it sounds infinitely more fun than a flight from Heathrow, right?

Beyond all of that - life is progressing at the normal, sluggish pace. There are probably a few more things I could rabbit on about - the fact that I am missed by my housemates; how I'm constantly thinking about my future and the prospects of teaching; the terrible state my room is in now I've moved home, and how there is a slice of Jijona turrón sat on a plate on my TV still being uneaten - but they're probably stories for another day. After all, we don't want to run out of material do we?


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