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With two weeks remaining until I saunter on down to Italy, the pressure is really on to get things sorted before I leave. There are a few ‘issues’ I need to really start sorting, like my Lleida application, and my phone; as well as figuring out what I need to take, and what I don’t need to take. Overall, the main issues are going to be money (having to pay €800 on the first day is not looking at all fun), and language (since I’ve not exactly brushed up on my Italian for weeks!) – I reckon I can survive though. It’s not like I haven’t managed for the last two years.

A point of note, regarding this post, is that it’s being written with Live Writer rather than Blogger. I don’t know how it’ll turn out (hopefully as close to the blogger standard as possible), but, if I like it then it’ll stay as the path of choice for updating this blog. So far, I like that I can see the background, rather than just having a box to fill up, but, it almost seems like I’ve lost that ‘security net’ of bland old Web 2.0. So, a reason for this post being uber-bland, aside from my lame-ass life, is the fact I wanted to test this out ASAP.

Aside from all that – not much going on in the life and times of a poor student. The only thing aside from Italy that I have to look forward to is the UK release of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Right now it’s the only thing that I’m totally psyched about – even if it does star Michael Cera, a guy that I’m not too keen on. In the words of a critic, on the original Scott Pilgrim comic: “It’s perfect if you were weaned on music records and nintendo games” – with a giant ‘in-joke’ jumping out in the form of Sex Bob-omb, I think it’s perfect for me (though I do want to get hold of all the original comics soon, having not read them…).

I think that’s about it, with no AOB floating around this week. Shame.


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