Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Thursday, 26 August 2010 at 20:13

It's rare I get to just write about something that isn't boring, or my daily life (what's the difference, eh?), but Scott Pilgrim vs The World has just moved its way into my Favourite Movies of All Time list. So right now I figure I need to get back to my bass, start up a shitty garage rock band, and get me my Ramona Flowers.

As a film, Scott Pilgrim is everything I've ever wanted. It's a comedy, it's got action, it's got romance, it's got nerdy references and a great soundtrack. Even though I hate Michael Cera films, this one is the exception to the rule. I probably should have read the original seven Scott Pilgrim books, but like most people I only discovered this recently - and I'm kinda glad I did. Blown away doesn't quite cover it.

Admittedly, things that are 'integral' to the Scott Pilgrim story are glossed over, like Ramona's travelling through subspace - sure, it's implied and she mentions it once, but when you know it's a part of what makes her "her", then you should maybe include a little bit more... Aside from that, it's just brilliant. If you're a nerd, anyway...

And since I'm such a fanboy, I've gone ahead and messed around on the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. Sadly, the only thing I don't own is the Parka, otherwise it would be a damned accurate depiction!


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