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What to say; what to say?

First up: I have a shiny new laptop! Yay me! For those curious of the specs, we're looking at a 2.27GHz i3 processor, 2.87G RAM, 250GB HDD, and a fair number of USB ports (well, maybe not - there's an HDMI connection, a SATA hi-speed USB port, and two rear USB ports), and room for an SD reader too. Sweet. Windows gives it a 4.4 rating, as a baseline (which is based on the graphics being 'average'), and the highest score is a 6.4 for the processor. All-in-all, pretty sweet!

So, what with this new powerhouse at my fingertips, I've started clogging it up already! Daily doses of Sim City 4 have become the norm, with my eye on getting Empire: Total War in the near future. The rest of the time, I'm sitting scribbling pretentious 'essays' on my tumblr which is now totally language oriented - if there isn't some lengthy piece on languages on there, there's a video, or a song. It keeps me busy, and lets me blather on about things that would bore 90% of people, and get 10% of people annoyed as I don't reference my sources (Wikipedia, for those of you who care...)

In other news: We are down to 2 weeks, 4 days until I ship off to Italy. I still have to complete my forms for Lleida, because I really don't want to be doing those while I'm away on foreign soil. Part of me is starting to get nervous about it, but the rest of me is still 110% up for it. Let's get away while we can, eh, boys and girls? There will no doubt be a pre-leaving blog up on the Saturday (28th) or Sunday (29th), dependent solely on the state I get into on the Friday night. And, much as I've said it before, I will try my damnedest to try and update 'on the road' - I have a feeling the hotels won't have wifi, or they'll be at extra cost, so it may just be a case of "Hey, I'm alive!" when I get to Pavia. We'll see - early days yet!

I'd like to think that this pretty much covers everything of importance. So, we'll move on to the AOB:

1. I've got my mind set on a certain picture I once saw, but I can't seem to find it. This is a request: if anyone knows where one can find a photograph of Cwmparc at night, taken on a long-exposure from the road over to Nantymoel, please let me know!

2. I really need to head to Spillers before I leave. I've probably said that before, but, it's worth seriously noting. There needs to be a trip, and there needs to be a purchase - for too long have I gone in, browsed, and left. Now they're set up in their new building, it seems like the right time to start a new era in my musical collecting.


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