Day #125: Money Can't Buy Me Love

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Sunday, 3 January 2010 at 22:49

It's true what they say, that money can't buy you love and happiness, but, it can damned well fill the void. I've spent the day parting with my student loan, so I can have a few luxuries to help me get through my days this semester, and to help me keep my resolutions. Lovely, no?

So, aside from a new pair of trainers and an iPod clock, I've also invested in some sports gear, some new headphones, lots of ink for my printer, and plenty of things that are too fiddly and insignificant to warrant mentioning in a blog post. What I should have bought though, and refuse to buy, is something to keep me warm in this ice-house. It's -2°C outside right now, according to my wonderful Ubuntu weather app, and I guess it's about 5°C in here now, even with all the radiators on full, and the heating turned up. I think when it goes off, I'm going to die of pneumonia in my sleep.

If I don't live through the long, cold night, I have to say I died happy...ish.


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