Day #129: Standstill

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Thursday, 7 January 2010 at 12:25

It's official. We can't cope with a bit of snow. There were a few centimetres (it doesn't even warrant being counted in inches to be fair) on Monday or Tuesday, and suddenly, the country came to a complete and utter stop.

I've had friends in University end up staying home because their lecturers can't go in, or their Uni is on top of a hill, or something silly like that. I've seen Amazon uk tell customers that everything will take twice as long to deliver. I've seen the weathermen and women on all the channels say how 'dangerous' it is to even consider going outside right now, as if there are Yetis in the snow somewhere. In essence, the country is just up for one big snow-day whenever the tiniest flake falls on the ground.

It's almost pathetic, you might say. The American news media are using the phrase crippled to describe our situation and I think I have to agree with them. Railways shut down entirely, motorways come to standstills, places of learning close, and the only thing to do is sit indoors watching reruns of Friends or Midsomer Murders. Where, oh where, is the sense of adventure - going to work and sliding all the way; cars revving intensely in the drifts. Gone!

I really think we should hijack some Scandinavian architects and engineers to tell us where we're going wrong with our country. Either that, or invest in some underfloor heating for this rundown little place...


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