Day #134 - Voglio Viaggare Per Il Mondo

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Tuesday, 12 January 2010 at 16:17

Today was exam day. I'd spent no time revising for it, really. I knew enough to bullshit my way through it, in the hope that my Italian was better than my knowledge of the books we had to discuss. Either way, that's not what I'm going to write about because that would be boring. Instead, I had the best experience ever.

I've already said about audiobooks and listening to them non-stop and so on so forth, but, I've found one better. The half-hour route from where I live in Cathays to the All Nations Centre in Whitchurch is perhaps a million times prettier than the walk from Talybont halls to Cathays, or even the walk from Cathays into town. It's beautiful, in a strange way - maybe it's because I've never seen it before. I mean, I did think City Road at night was really quite nice; and the same for Crwys Road, when it hits The George and Varsity at the top end of Richmond Road/Albany Road.

Anyhow, it's a walk I'd recommend to any student who is bored out of their mind with the constant walk between Talybont and Cathays, or thinks they've seen all Cardiff has to offer.

I wish I'd had my camera, to be touristy and uber-lame. Once you hit the top of Cathays Terrace and end up out on the junction between Crwys and Whitchurch roads, there are two choices really - either go straight on, following Fairoak Road along the border of Cathays Cemetery, and the outcome here is that you end up in Roath Park, a place I've yet to visit.
The other option is to take a left at the crossroads, and follow the road past Maindy Barracks, Allensbank Road, and along the little 'shopping district' that has sprung up along Whitchurch Road. It's really something I've not given much thought to before, when driving in, but, walking along it in the cold listening to King Lear there and Paradise Lost on the way back was one of the more surreal-and-beautiful things I've done in my life so far.

Obviously, that's nothing noteworthy. Still, I figured I'd record it for posterity. That, and the fact that the South Wales Echo believes that Wales will have glaciers by 2050 (I'm guessing because of the snow we've had for the last week...); and Ron Jeremy has decried the internet for ruining the Porno industry. What the frack like? Is everyone becoming a bit of a fool? Or am I reading things wrong lately?

On that odd note, I'm going to settle into my new-found freedom and wonder where I can explore in Cardiff next.


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