Day #1 - On Blogs.

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Tuesday, 1 September 2009 at 11:22

I decided, after a lot of summer boredom, that I would create a student blog. You know, one of those journal-type things that lots of students keep to document their way through 'College' or University. I totally didn't bother in my first year, but, then again I was trying to keep my head above water. Now I have a plan of attack for the year, I feel I can fit in time to manage a journal-blog and my music blog's not-so-hectic "three days a week" schedule.

This blog all started as one of those crazy ideas to set up two blogs on one Blogger account. I'd had the Retrospective Review since last August, but, barely used it. I spent the weekend cleaning it out and sprucing it up; and then created this baby, my Student Journal, codenamed VENT.

Now, why would I call it VENT? VENT sounds like an airduct, or an Agony Aunt column... "What a silly name for a blog!" I hear you cry! However, it couldn't be more perfect in my eyes.

The more astute amongst you will have noticed the URL - viajes-en-nuevos-territorios - which, translates to Journeys into New Territories. Now, the brilliant thing about this is: I study Spanish! So, one connection point for me! But, I also study Catalan, and the URL in Catalan would be viatges-en-nous-territoris. Are we noticing a pattern? It spells VENT, which, when lower-cased, and made into a verb "to vent", is a nice way of saying "to let of steam"...which is what this is for.
(It's a shame that in Italian the URL is viaggi-in-nuovi-territori, but, on the plus side that spells VINT, which is Catalan for twenty...which is the year of my life which this blog will cover! I'm just too sharp for my own good...)

That's basically it. I'm hoping this one will last me well into my twenties, so I may document what I've done and where I've been...though that really assumes that I will have constant internet access wherever I am. And that I will update on a regular basis. Which, as ashamed as I am to say it, rarely ever happens with me.

Still. The project has only just begun, and I don't have anything to vent about just yet. Here's hoping for an interesting year.


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