Day #8 - On Extensive Failures, and the Victories of Others

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at 13:21

It's not been a promising weekend; nor a promising start to the month. The job I applied for, well, it didn't get past the interview stage. So, we're back to the drawing board (and more than likely to the little corner of the drawing board that doesn't have scribbled out failures written all over it). In other failure news - I've miscalculated a few things with the other blog, so, for once my music blog will be 'out-of-sync' with how it should be written.

I wanted to write up the new (and dare-I-say "amazing") Rodrigo y Gabriela album for tomorrow's installment, but, I'm planning on heading out, learning a bit of Salsa, and going to see the new Dorian Gray flick. Plans changed to "Let's review Dorian Gray", knowing I'd probably get an hour before 'total blackout' (still living at home for another week, meaning periodic internet shutoffs; it's like living in the Cold War). Anyhow, I miscalculated, and the film is showing later than I wanted it to be - so, it looks like Wednesday now goes up Thursday, or, I review Rodrigo y Gabriela and post it tonight...either way, we're out of sync, people! Out of sync! (Though, we still have kitchen variety syncs).

On the happier side of the coin, there are extensive victories going on everywhere: my best friend has nabbed himself a job in Bristol, alongside his massive repertoire as a gonzo journalist; the girl I've been teaching Italian has progressed immensely, and to return the favour is teaching me what she knows of Salsa - the master doth become the student and all that; and the greatest victory of all this week: Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak has posted a comic that made my eyes water when I read it. Am I in love? I think so.

It's still another week before I get paid; still another week before I have permanent 24-hour internet; and still another week before I am permanently moved out of my house and into the swanky, new abode in Cardiff for the start of the new season of academia. The only thing I dread is the bills. And the fact that I'll be paying for electricity I'm not using, by spending my entire day in the library ensconced in one of my languages, or some tome that should expand my worldliness. (In fact...I need a list of all the books I *need* to read this year, regardless of their subject matter).

All in all...this could be a very productive year, despite lacking permanent income.


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