Day #2 - On Application Forms.

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Wednesday, 2 September 2009 at 20:39

I woke up from the best twelve hours of sleep in existence - a twelve hours of sleep where I didn't actually stir once - it was a nice, consistent, indulgent sleep that involved plenty of dreaming and plenty of feeling groggy afterwards. It's just the sort of thing I needed.

But, sleeping late meant I almost missed the email from Cardiff Uni's JobShop to tell me that they're hiring Box Office staff. Lucky for me, I was feeling perky today, and, with my reviews all written up for this week, I had no excuses, no procrastination to do, in order to escape the fact that I would have to sit and fill out a form. And fill it out I did.

Then, the nerves set in. It's a job application, right? What do I need to worry. I'll get a phonecall saying "Sure, come for an interview", or I'll get nothing back (the latter being the predominant case in my life). Either way, I sat in my room with the landline phone, my hotmail account and CardiffMail account open, and my mobile set to 'Outdoor'. I really was in a hopeful mood. I mean, I actually went out in the rain to sort out all the stuff I'm taking back to Cardiff, just to get five minutes away from all this 'pressure'.

And then, the phone rang. It's almost a cliche to write it that way. In no time, I was signed up for a 3pm interview, and my life actually started to look a little bit better. All that was needed was a dose of "confidence but not cockiness" for tomorrow, and I'd be all prepped. After that, what more could I do than pick up my bass and 'celebrate' by loudly thrashing about to British Sea Power - you'd swear I'd been hired already. (After a summer of "No thankyou" and no replies from all sorts of companies, one job interview is really a 'big thing').

Let's have some crossed fingers! And hope that drinking tea and watching The Wire: Season Five won't put me into a state of insomnia.


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