DAY #14 - On Growing Up

Posted by Alex | | Posted On Monday, 14 September 2009 at 09:58

I turned 20 today. It's not like it's a brilliant thing; I mean, wow, it's a big round number (again) but it's nothing amazingly special. I've had a lame night's sleep in a lonely double bed; I've aged slightly; I have to phone utility companies to change payee names; I have a lot to do and not enough partying to be doing.

There's really nothing else to add to this blog, because it's 10am, and I've not done much - I've moved into the new 'student house' in Cathays, and everything is sorted; now it's just sticking to my budget, finding a job, and passing the 2nd Year with 'flying colours'. go back to sleep...or maybe shower and go out and buy some real food so I'm not stuck eating Lamb and Barley Hotpot for the next meal of the day.


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